The Lisle Global Seed Fund supports projects that further the Lisle mission and promote intercultural communication and shared learning.  It is essential applicants make clear how a proposed project will include these two elements.

Lisle prefers to fund organizations rather than individuals.

Lisle only funds projects that promote intercultural understanding and bring people of diverse backgrounds together to share and learn from one another.

Successful projects most often:

  • Are innovative and collaborative
  • Focus on experiential learning
  • Work toward resolving conflicts
  • Promote community building
  • Take place anywhere in the world

What does Lisle NOT fund?

  • infrastructure (e.g. building or furnishing schools)
  • hardware (e.g., computers)
  • travel costs for U.S. participants
  • salaries for U.S. volunteers in international projects
  • religious education or proselytizing

If you have questions concerning your eligibility please submit a Request for Apply form and note any specific questions.