In order to be eligible for consideration for a Seed Grant, a project must be sponsored by a Lisle Mentor.  The Mentor is a Lisle member who is familiar with the mission, goals and history of Lisle, and who can help assure the project is aligned with Lisle’s values and vision.  The Mentor helps an applicant evaluate a project idea to consider whether it is a good fit for the Lisle Seed Grant Program, and whether an application is appropriate.  The Mentor may be able to help the applicant edit and focus a proposed project to make it more suitable for consideration for grant funding.

If you have a project idea but need a Lisle Mentor, you must submit a Request to Apply at least one month before the application deadline and note this on the form.  If Lisle judges the proposal appropriate for funding consideration, we will do our best to identify a Lisle Mentor for the proposal.

If you are in communication with a Lisle member who is willing to mentor your application, please include this name on your Request to Apply.

The Lisle Mentor will:

  • Review the seed grant application prior to submission to ensure that it meets the criteria for a Lisle grant and is presented in a way that clearly fits Lisle’s vision and mission.  The input of the Lisle Mentor can help improve the project and make it more likely to receive a Lisle grant.
  • Act as a liaison between the applicant and the Lisle Board.  The Lisle Mentor will coordinate communications with the Board and share their comments on the grant proposal and its fit with Lisle to the Board.
  • Provide feedback to the Board about the process, to improve the Grant program. Mentor suggestions help strengthen future projects and the Lisle Seed Grant decision-making process.