Full Grant Proposal Form

The deadline for 2018 grant proposals is August 15.

After a Request to Apply is approved for a full proposal, applicants will be assigned a Lisle Mentor if they do not already have one.  Please note that you will be required to work with your Lisle mentor throughout the proposal process.  As soon as a mentor is assigned, applicant and mentor are connected by email.

Click below to download the Full Grant Proposal Form (a Word document):

Lisle 2018 Full Grant Proposal Form for 2019 Projects (updated 1/9/18)

When saving the form with your grant proposal responses, please change the file name to include the project name and country of the project activities.

We appreciate concise proposals.  Please limit responses to 3-4 sentences per question unless otherwise indicated.

The applicant sends a draft proposal to the mentor for review.  The Mentor provides suggestions and confirms when the application is ready for submission.  This may require multiple communications and revisions.  It is possible that during this process it may be determined that the project is not ready for a grant application at this time.

If a question arises about eligible activities or expenses, the applicant or mentor may need to communicate with the Board before the proposal is submitted.

After it is reviewed and approved by the mentor, the applicant emails the final Grant Proposal Form (as a Word attachment) to office@lisleinternational.org.