How to apply

The first requirement for potential applicants is submission of a Request to Apply Form by June 15, 2018.  Those who submit a Request to Apply which shows promise of potential fit with the mission of Lisle will be invited to submit a full proposal. 

Applicants invited to submit proposals will be assigned a Lisle Mentor if they do not already have one.  As soon as a mentor is assigned, applicant and mentor are connected by email. Applicants will work with a Lisle mentor throughout the proposal process. 

  • The applicant sends a draft proposal to the mentor for review.  The Mentor provides suggestions and confirms when the application is ready for submission.  This may require multiple communications and revisions.  It is possible that during this process it may be determined that the project is not ready for a grant application at this time.
  • If a question arises about eligible activities or expenses, the applicant or mentor may need to communicate with the Board before the proposal is submitted.

August  15:  Completed grant proposals due to Lisle.

After an applicant receives an approval response to the Request to Apply form and approval from the mentor that they are ready to apply, they may submit the full proposal on the Lisle Seed Grant Proposal Form We appreciate concise proposals.  Please limit responses to 3-4 sentences per question unless otherwise indicated.  Proposals are due August 15, 2018.