Project Evaluation for Lisle Global Seed Fund Projects

Each project funded by Lisle is required to provide an evaluation at the end of the project’s activities. The purpose of the evaluation is for Lisle and the project itself to learn from the effort that was undertaken. We want to know what worked as well as what did not work and why it did not work.

The evaluation consists of two parts:  1) answering the questions below; and 2) providing photos, video, letters from participants in the project, or other material that will assist Lisle in understanding what was accomplished, and documenting the results.

The answers to the evaluation questions and all other accompanying material must be sent to the Lisle Office within one month after the project ends.  Failure to complete the evaluation will disqualify your organization from receiving any future grants from Lisle.

Project Evaluation Questions

1)    Briefly summarize your project, noting its goals/objectives and the activities that were undertaken to meet those goals.

2)    What was your plan, as stated in your application, for evaluating the project?

3)    Provide a brief summary of your project’s results.

4)    Identify any ways in which the project changed from what you had originally proposed and why.

5)    What went well in the project?  What do you consider to be the most successful aspect of the project?

6)    Where did you run into difficulties, and how did you handle those difficulties?

7)    What do you wish you had done differently?

8)    Account for the funds that you received from Lisle using the categories from the original budget form.

9)    What did these funds help you accomplish?  What more needs to be done?